Safe Trading with KYC

Convenience is the greatest benefit of trading within a realm that has KYC vetting. KYC stands for “Know Your Customer”. If all members of a trade group have shown KYC proof, each exchange can happen instantaneously. Without KYC implications, trades can take long periods to complete. They could also result in rejections because certain trades are deemed invalid.

KYC Validation “recommended”

Submitting to KYC validation is very simple. It requires showing personal identification, online contact information and account validity. KYC acceptance never means revealing account numbers, and never requires a trader to be contacted by unknown entities. It is only a way to prevent money laundering or other criminal elements intentionally or unintentionally. KYC provides a safe trading environment for investors or people wanting to explore new avenues within the modern currency market.

Safe Blockchain based trading

All blockchain based trading, including cryptocurrency sales, involves the actions of people making purchases with many forms of fiat money. Fiat money includes EUR or USD etc. issued by a country’s central reserve bank. There are literally thousands of currencies being exchanged to purchase cryptocurrencies. It is necessary to have a security system working to validate purchases from these diverse sources.

KYC Validation benefits

A KYC validation stands for “know your customer.” It is an online security validation process, very simple and fast. It’s as easy using a credit card for online purchases. KYC for verifying a cyrptocurrency exchange account includes providing information about personal identity, address and proof that a person has permission to access a chosen banking method.


Exchanging tokens and buying shares of cyrptocurrencies, involves mingling funds with people from many different monetary systems. KYC validation is a shield that makes sure all traders are using secure funds to buy shares. It also prevents portions of cryptocurrency offerings from being purchased by fiat currencies that are not actively backed by a working banking entity. In short, KYC validation ensures that all people engaging in cyrptocurrency exchange, purchase and sale are vetted by an existing banking authority.